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CERAMICA CIELO gamintojas siūlo įvairiausių formų bei spalvų keramikinius gaminius: 

Pakabinamos, pastatomos, įmontuojamos po stalviršių, pusiau įmontuojamos, atskirai stovinčios kriauklės, praustuvai bei dubenys. Visai tai siūloma Ceramica Cielo gamintojo. Keramika kuri tiks bet kokiam vonios kambario dizaino sprendimui.

Spalvotos kriauklės bei praustuvai skirti vonios kambariui siūlomi įvairiausių spalvų bei išmatavimų – didelės arba mažos, standartinės arba kvadratinės formos, ypatingai plonos – 5 mm storio, įmontuojamos į stalviršių arba pakabinamos, su galimybę sifoną išvesti į sieną arba į grindis. Visai tai siūloma Ceramica Cielo gamintojo.

Pastatomi ant grindų, pakabinami ar monoblokai – WC, unitazai, klozetai, tualetai, bidė, pisuarai – siūlomi įvairiausių spalvų bei išmatavimų.

Keramikiniai gaminiai galimi įvairiausių spalvų bei apdailų: baltos, juodos ar spalvotos apdailos Stone arba Antracite, o taip pat siūlomi iš naujos spalvotos kolekcijos Terre di Cielo.

Ceramica Cielo gamykla siūlo spalvotus dizaino vonios kambario baldus, kurie puikiai dera su elegancija ir  funkcionalūmą. Baldai kurie tiks bet kokiam vonios kambario dizaino sprendimui. Vonios kambario baldai siūlomi spalvotos kolekcijos pagal Terre di Cielo gamma, o taip pat su lūkšto apdaila.

Veidrodžiai, tai dizaino objektai, kurie nepersiokioja tenedencijų, o jų geometrija ir formos yra šiuolaikiškos klasikos bei tinka bet kokiam vonios kambarios dizaino spendimui. Veidrodiniai rėmai galimi Terre di Cielo spalvose bei Ferro ir Bronzo apdailose.

Vonios pagamintos iš “LivingTec” medžiagos, tiks bet kokiam vonios kambarios dizaino spendimui. Vonios apdailos galimos baltos, Brina ir Arenaria spalvos. Dizaino vonios išsiskiria darniomis linijomis, apvaliu profiliu ir minkštomis ir apvyniojamomis formomis.

Dušo padėklai tiks bet kokiam vonios kambarios dizaino spendimui. Galimos įvairios spalvos ir apdailos: baltos, juodos, dušo padėklai iš Stone ir Antracite medžiagos, iš naujos spalvotos kolekcijos Terre di Cielo, o taip pat platus pasirinkimas išskirtinių dekoracijų iš pirmaujančių dizainerių. Galimi įvairūs išmatavimai, o taip pat dušo padėklo montavimas lygiai su grindimis ar tiesiog ant grindų.

Metaliniai rankšluosčių laikykliai siūlomi trijų skirtingų apdailų: Nero matt, Bronzo spazzolato ir Cromo. Lentynos ir aksesuarai iš LivingTec medžiagos, baltos spalvos. Elementai, kuriuos lengva sukomponuoti, atsižvelgiant į aplinkos poreikius.

Plačiau gamintojo tinklalapyje:

CERAMICA CIELO kolekcijos:


design A. Parisio – G. Pezzano

A perfect synthesis of balance and formal lightness, Siwa with its clean and essential geometries and clean lines, reveals a minimal yet at the same time refined style, able to create modern and refined spaces characterized by a strong freedom of movement. The undisputed protagonist of this unprecedented proposal is always the ceramic, which thanks to the exceptional skill of the craftsmen of Cielo in shaping the material, makes the washbasin extremely pleasant both to the eye and to the touch.


design A. Parisio – G. Pezzano

From industrial aesthetics, Multiplo is a smart solution to furnish the bathroom in a dynamic and versatile way. Few elements give life to a multiplicity of combinations: from the simple ceramic top on which to place different collections of bowls to the most complete solution with a storage compartment or an open day cabinet.


design A. Parisio – G. Pezzano

Marked by a strong, rigorous project and a unique design, Kyros is a graceful and minimal proposal able to portray the contemporary creativity. Its oval shape reinterprets the concept of space in the bathroom environment going beyond the rigid boundaries of tradition. The undisputed protagonist is always the ceramic that, thanks to the exceptional skill of Cielo’s artisans in shaping the material, makes the washbasins alive and fulfilling both to the touch and to the sight.


design A. Parisio – G. Pezzano

The new suspended washbasin for smart bathroom furniture that combines contemporary and informal spirit. This solution makes lightness and functionality its strength and plays on the geometries: the roundness of the deep ceramic washbasin and the rectangular form of the object holder in LivingTec®, harmoniously integrated with each other.

I Catini 

design A. Parisio – G. Pezzano

I Catini: the Round, the Oval and the Double, three different interpretations of same product, which harmonically combines frameworks made of steel and available in Nero Matt or Bronzo Spazzolato with ceramic washbasins in 16 colours of Terre di Cielo range and ceramic or marble shelves as well as a convenient storage drawer. Collection is completed with 2 mirrors cabinets, Round and Oval of essential design, and a full range of accessories such as towel rails and holders.


design A. Parisio – G. Pezzano

A large basin and a convenient top characterize a pure and essential furniture with a ceramic top available in 16 colours of Terre di Cielo range and a storage drawer. The framework made of steel and available in matt black or brushed bronze can be completed with a wooden or lacquered drawers.


design A. Parisio – G. Pezzano

Innovative washbasin in ceramic with a large basin and a convenient top, in which it is possible to integrate “make-up” element with mirror and beauty-case. A very elegant, functional and versatile product… like a real Narciso. The washbasin is available in 16 colours of Terre di Cielo range. The “make-up” element can be lacquered or in wooden finish. The framework made of steel and available in matt black or brushed bronze and it can be enriched with a full range of accessories: a lateral towel-rail, a laundry bag in real leather and two drawers.


design A. Parisio – G. Pezzano

This innovative system of ceramic tops takes functionality and simplicity up a notch. Just a few components make for a multitude of combinations. The use of ceramic means superior quality, excellent functionality, and a selection of 16 colors. With convenient ceramic tops, built into modular steel structures, elegant lacquered or solid wood shelves, joined by wall-hung accessory holders, mirrors and drawers. The tops can be made in the 16 finishes of the Terre di Cielo line. The structures are steel in a matte black finish. The wall units and drawers may be lacquered or solid wood. Convenient towel racks and accessory holders can be added as desired.


design APG Studio

“Timeless designs, never chasing after meaningless fads, with shapes that make them contemporary classics” – this is the idea driving these new bathroom furnishings featuring powerful style at the height of practicality and versatility. A range of customizable, sophisticated and elegant elements for the modern bathroom. The collection consists of: Cibele bathtub, Tiberino freestanding washbasin cabinet, Argo, Pluto and Polifemo mirrors.

Le Giare

design Claudio Silvestrin

Le Giare is a complete bathroom collection designed for Cielo by Claudio Silvestrin. Le Giare collection is characterized by a sinuous design, austere but not extreme, contemporary, elegant but without ostentatious, suitable for any bathroom. The sinuous lines draw perfect circular shapes that flow into the oval outside, giving birth to a real ceramic sculpture of pure geometry.

Shui Comfort

design Paolo d’Arrigo

The perfect combination of space, comfort and versatility. The functionality and natural soft shapes find a new interpretation. The harmonious lines of washbasins and sanitary wares reach an additional dimension with the COMFORT version.


design Paolo d’Arrigo

A very elegant collection, SHUI, literally water. It seems to re-evoke the mild flowing of water, which characterizes the element of the collection, giving harmoniously curved lines.


design 5.5 designers

CIELO’s know-how teams up with the creative flair of the 5.5 Designers for the second time to shape a new generation of urinals endowed with great personality and a sense of irony. Products of a versatile design based on pure geometric shapes, which reconciles french creativity with the quality of Italian craftsmanship to confer an original bathroom atmosphere for both contract and residential projects.


design Marco Piva

Fluid is a range of ceramic elements for the bathroom designed by Marco Piva. Characterized by the theme of water, the fluid and dynamic lines of the bathroom fittings bear witness to a design that reconciles formal research and innovation. The sinuous and soft shapes that distinguish the design of the Fluid bathroom range, coherent in both solutions, both the floor model and the wall-mounted one, render it a versatile product that is especially suited to meet the requirement of the contract and hoteling sector, as well as those of the home.


design Nilo Gioacchini

Easy to build up, greatest functionality and attention to design for SMILE: a collection with the young appeal, easy-chic, just like the name suggests. Its strength is the fact that it is easy to build up, modular and versatile, it fits perfectly the different necessities and personal tastes, offering a very big range for personalized solutions. Elements by the sophisticated appeal, which comes from the meeting of elements with essential shapes and pure and geometric lines, giving a result that mixes perfectly aesthetic and functionality.


design Karim Rashid

Created by an idea of the multifaceted designer Karim Rashid – one of the world’s ten most important designers with over 3000 projects and 300 international awards – Enjoy+Amedeo Collection comes to life, young, colorful, modern, ideal for any bathroom environment!


design Paolo d’Arrigo

Modernist and contemporary. A timeless collection which renews the bathroom, following the most up to date trends of design. Opera conquers you with its big dimensions, its chunky volumes and its elegant up to date taste. Reinventing the tradition with a contemporary style, with a formal search for elegance and style. It offers a complete series of washbasins and two different versions of sanitary: “round” with rounded forms and “square” with rectangular shapes, both available as suspended as on floor.

Shower trays

“The Shower World. New and innovative surfaces, extra sizes and customizable shower trays; an incredible range of products and finishes.”

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